We are able to offer companies a targeted search service to attract senior and specialised professionals in the following industry sectors:


    • # Technology
    • # Engineering
    • # Logistics and Supply Chain
    • # Accounting and Finance
    • # Retail
    • # Government

How we do this, is through a dedicated and unique team of researchers consistently searching the marketplace for the best candidates in our industries. We leverage our extensive experience in recruitment and business to ensure we have an excellent grasp of the profile of the candidate being sought and the likely place to find them.


“Being a relatively small group, our service to our clients and candidates must be far superior to that of our competitors, in order to differentiate ourselves. This we believe is why we are successful.”


Since 1983, the principals of Consultus Recruitment & Research have been dedicated to the provision of high quality candidates to a select group of clients.


How do our client’s benefit :


    • # Our dedicated team of research consultants and our management of the search assignments ensures the best possible outcome in the market today.
    • # Our competency reports provide clients with an essential prediction about how the candidate will perform in a given role.
    • # Because we keep research and recruitment separate, our results are objective and unique to the market.
    • # Our international search experience provides clients with access to a large network of contacts and candidates.


Our clients cover the Technology, Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain, Account, Retail and Government sectors. They include multi national organisations and local companies in Australia and New Zealand. We provide them a highly focused and quality search and recruitment service which is unavailable to their competitors.